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Yanmar News


Yanmar and VETUS; two strong brands!

Yanmar and VETUS; two strong brands!

On April 1st ,2013 VETUS joined the Yanmar group. Immediately after the acquisition both parties started working closely together on a project with the objective to realise a brand and distribution strategy for both Yanmar and VETUS.

In December 2013 the results of this project were presented to both Yanmar and VETUS sales and distribution networks. The most important conclusion is that both brands, VETUS and Yanmar will remain as two separate brands, for both the marine engine range and the other systems.  VETUS products will not be relabeled as Yanmar or vice versa. With Yanmar as the premium ‘propulsion system’ provider and VETUS, as the creators of complete boat systems.

Yanmar offers premium quality ‘propulsion systems ‘and VETUS creates complete boat systems.

At the front-end, both parties will work as separate entities but at  the back-end VETUS and Yanmar will work close together on several projects for greater efficiency. The intention is not to reduce personnel, but to achieve more in a cost effective way that can benefit both parties.

Results of the brand and distribution strategy are already noticeable. Both Yanmar and VETUS now share the same office in Barcelona, Spain and in Stockholm, Sweden.

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