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Yanmar News


Yanmar and ORACLE TEAM USA Unveil Americas Cup Race and Chase Boats in San Francisco

In a grand ceremony held on April 23 in San Francisco, Yanmar and ORACLE TEAM USA unveiled the “YANMAR 2” chase boat and the AC72 race boat scheduled to take stage in the 34th America’s Cup, in September 2013.

As an Official Technical Partner of ORACLE TEAM USA, Yanmar is providing engines and drive systems for the team’s two chase boats, an indispensable part of the race to the top spot, in this, the pinnacle of the world of ocean racing. The chase boats are not just limited to towing before and after the race. With the racing catamarans set to reach speeds in excess of 40 knots (74.1 km/h), the chase boats are also responsible for the important job of tracking the progress of the race, ready to provide immediate support for any eventuality.

With its intimate knowledge of the world’s oceans, Yanmar has earned an enviable reputation for the endurance and reliability of its engines in North America, Europe, and around the world. Yanmar will pursue the highest levels of technological excellence towards assisting the crew in their pursuit of victory in the 34th America’s Cup.

As one of the race team’s partners, the Yanmar logo will be displayed on the rudders and wheel of the AC72 race boat. In addition, crew members will call the chase boats by their new names: “Chase Boat YANMAR1” and “Chase Boat YANMAR2”.

With the eyes of the world on this, the greatest race in international yachting, Yanmar is looking to increase its brand exposure through association with the world’s top racing team, ORACLE TEAM USA, towards further building a premium brand.

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The 34th America’s Cup:              

Date:                                    September 7 to 21, 2013         
Location:                             San Francisco, California, USA
Official website:                 http://www.americascup.com/en/ 

ORACLE TEAM USA:       Official website:  http://oracle-team-usa.americascup.com/

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