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Yanmar News


Yanmar Announces Fiscal 2012 Business Results and Fiscal 2013 Forecast

1. Fiscal 2012 Results:

In fiscal 2012, while the North American market experienced a mild recovery and the ASEAN countries continued to enjoy satisfactory levels, emerging markets experienced low levels of demand. In Europe, financial crisis persisted and overall the economy maintained stagnant.

In Japan, owing to the recovery of the North American market and assertive financial and subsidy schemes introduced locally, the economy has shown signs
of amelioration, but is still far from a solid recovery.

Future prospects expect world markets to remain unstable, given the financial problems in North America and Europe.

Against this background, the Yanmar Group’s major activities in fiscal 2012 were as follows:

Secure Stable Profits

To offset the impact of the yen appreciation and increasing raw material prices, the following measures were implemented:

* Promoted cost-efficient procurement worldwide.

* Reduced manufacturing and sales costs.

* Reduced corporate expenses.

To improve the After-sales Service Business, the following measures were implemented:

* Promoted periodic maintenance and check to enhance customer support.

* Introduced a new business model based on ICT.

Ensure further Business Growth

* Increased production at our subsidiaries in Thailand, China and Indonesia and reorganized core businesses in Japan.

* Introduced the basic orientation and action plan regarding business expansion in Southeast Asia.

* Made preparations for the introduction of an IT system with Group-wide coverage.

* Started an ample project for the elevation of the Yanmar brand to premium standards, with a focus on improving products, after-sales service and overall
communication channels.

In this regard, fiscal 2012 consolidated Group results indicate Net Sales of JPY 577.1 billion, up 4.7% on fiscal 2011. Ordinary Profit came in at JPY 35.8 billion, an increase of 61.7% on the previous year. Return on Sales reached 6.2%. Net Profit for the period increased 70.9% on fiscal 2011 to JPY 20.8 billion.

Net Sales outside Japan fell 2.9% to JPY 220.4 billion, making up 38.2% of consolidated Group Net Sales.

2. Fiscal 2013 Forecast:

Currently, consolidated Group Net Sales are forecast to increase 8.4% to JPY 625.9 billion, Operating Profit 17.8% to JPY 39.8 billion, Ordinary Profit 7.7% to JPY 38.6 billion, and Net Profit expected to come to JPY 22.2 billion over the period, an increase of 6.6%.


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